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Mold Inspection and Testing
Whenever we are presented with a new project it is important to evaluate the task ahead. Depending on your requirements and needs, we would normally suggest an initial mold inspection to establish and understand the size of the problem. This is also an important time to find the route cause and source of the outbreak. Finding the cause is crucial to eliminate any reoccurrence of the mold after removal. During this investigative work we would look to take readings of the air quality to see if mold spores are present. This stage also looks at the level of humidity and the quality of ventilation. We recommend taking a sample of the mold at this stage, which would be tested by our mold experts to establish the type of mold to be dealt with.

Mold Removal and Remediation
Following the mold inspection and testing we will formulate a plan of action to fully remove all traces of the mold. This will normally involve using highly specialized chemicals and deep cleaning equipment. Naturally the source of the problem will also be addressed and corrected to prevent any return of the mold. During this stage health and safety is always followed to the highest standards and every care is taken to protect your property and environment. Our mold abatement service is available throughout the whole of Kansas City and Missouri. For a no obligation quote or simply to discuss a potential mold removal project, please contact our office and speak with one of our mold experts.

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