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Mold Testing

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When you are faced with an outbreak of mold you should consider several factors. Do I need a mold inspection and do I need mold testing? The answer will often be yes. The result of a mold test, and identification of the strain may often enable your professional mold removal company to tackle the problem with a more specific plan. Our aim is always to completely stop the rapid growth of any infestation in the fastest possible time. Of course, the ultimate plan is to remove the problem completely. This will result in less structural damage to your building, and a far less likely outcome of any of your personal property becoming damaged.

What does mold testing involve?

The process of mold testing will almost always include the testing of the air quality in any problem areas. The presence of tiny spores can be present in the air but are invisible to the naked eye. Mold is often not visible until the growth has already appeared, and is growing at a rapid pace. If you can catch this early you can take preventative measures earlier, thus avoiding a potentially more expensive bill at a later date. Another important process is to take a sample of mold that is already present, often using a swab. This would then be sent to a laboratory for analysis, this can provide very useful information to your professional mold removal experts.

Should I do the mold test myself, or do I really need a professional mold removal firm?

There are now many mold tests available, both from hardware stores, and of course from online internet suppliers. The reviews of these are however very mixed. There have been many reports of false readings from these do it yourself mold tests. Sometimes you will receive a positive result when the actual truth is negative, and vice versa. But how do you know if your result is correct? You also need to bear in mind that you will probably also need to send your test sample to a laboratory for identification, more expense with no guarantee.

Buying real estate

If you are looking to buy a new property it is often a very good idea to use the services of an expert mold remediation company to check potential problem areas before signing any contract. How would you know if an unscrupulous owner had simply wiped the area clean before you arrived? At Kansas City Mold Removal Services we can offer you a full and competitively priced survey, before you enter any legal agreement with the seller. Failure to do so could result in considerable devaluation of your property, should the presence of mold appear after swapping contracts. For a no obligation quote please contact our office via email or telephone, our mold experts will be happy to discuss a mold test, or any other mold related issues that you may be trying to deal with. Remember the earlier a problem is identified, the quicker and easier the problem can be resolved.


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