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Mold Removal & Remediation

mold removal & remediation

Many peoples idea of mold removal is a bucket of hot water and a soapy sponge, sure this will remove the surface of the mold, and the affected area will appear cleaner for a short period of time. But the reason behind the outbreak of the mold will still be there, and the mold will return very quickly. At Kansas City Mold Removal Services we look to provide a complete mold remediation solution. This means that not only do our mold experts remove all visible traces of the mold, they will also identify and correct the cause, so that your home or business will remain mold free for many years to come.

Identifying the Reason behind the Problem

The first stage of all successful mold remediation projects should always be to find out why the mold is growing in certain areas. This could be due to a large variety of reasons such as high humidity, poor ventilation, damp patches on walls or ceilings due to damaged masonry or roofing tiles, leaking plumbing etc. This is just to name some of the most common reasons, but in reality there could be many others. Whatever the reason is, our team of highly trained mold experts will locate the cause and eliminate it, before the mold removal process begins. We know that this is essential in order to deliver long term sustainable results.

The Mold Removal Process

Following the correction of the root cause of the problem, our team of mold removal experts will begin the clean-up process. This is likely to involve the use of our specialized deep cleaning equipment, as well as various chemicals that have been developed, and proven, to destroy all traces and smell of the mold. Every respect to your property is always observed during this period, our team of mold experts will always leave everything as they found it. Minus the mold!

Ensuring that the Mold will not return

All of our mold removal projects are planned, and executed, to provide full mold abatement. This is achieved through an initial assessment, investigation and testing. After this our team will draw upon their years of experience to put together a detailed plan to remove, and stop any return of the growth of mold. Only once this plan has been completed and agreed to by yourself will the work start. It is crucially important to us that you are fully aware, and happy with the planned work to return your property to a mold free zone.

Our Commitment to You

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a stress free mold remediation experience. We have great pride in the reputation our company has built up over the past years, and very much look forward the building this further. Wherever you are located in Kansas or Missouri, we will be delighted to offer you our mold removal services to return your home back to a clean, and safe environment for your family and loved ones.

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