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Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

commercial mold removal & remediation

As well as domestic projects our team of mold remediation experts have vast experience in dealing with commercial buildings. These can range from small businesses to the largest of tower blocks and office spaces. Mold has no preference where it grows as long as the conditions are right! Kansas City Mold Removal Services have a proven history of ensuring that the conditions are not right! Whatever your business is, and wherever you are in Missouri, we can provide you with a tailor made plan to provide your staff, residents and customers with a clean, healthy and mold free environment. If you would like to discuss a potential mold removal service, please contact our office and speak with one of our dedicated mold experts.

Why is Mold Removal so Important to Businesses?

As we all know the success of a business is very much influenced by its reputation. Businesses that appear to be dirty or unhygienic will soon build a bad reputation, and will often fail. The presence, and smell of visible mold is certainly not going to help you build the great public image that you work so hard for to achieve. If your residential building, restaurant, shop, hotel or office block has a mold problem, we can offer you a fully professional mold abatement service. As with domestic mold issues we will always start with an initial assessment and testing, and then following a discussion with yourself we can agree on a cost effective plan of action to put things right once more.

Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels and Food Shops

Many businesses in the service industry can be susceptible to mold problems, this is often due to the high temperatures and humidity that are often found in many kitchens. Our team of mold experts can provide you with advice to increase ventilation and the free flow of air, that is required to help keep mold at bay. If you are already experiencing problems it is important to engage in a mold removal and remediation program as soon as possible. Customers do not want to see mold, and may not return. Worse still, they will probably tell others not to come!

Office Blocks

In a busy office with many people, areas such as toilet blocks and shared places may experience outbreaks of mold. As with all mold removal plans it is important to understand why the problem is forming. Kansas City Mold Removal Services can identify the cause, make the necessary changes, develop, and provide a complete mold remediation plan.

Residential Buildings

If you are a private owner, or a local authority, you probably want to provide your tenants with a clean and pleasant apartment and living space. Municipal areas such as stairwells, garbage storage areas, shared kitchens or shower blocks are all prime areas that can experience mold issues. Whatever the situation is, Kansas City Mold Removal Services can provide a full solution to keep your residents happy and content with their home.

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